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Zimmer Biomet has used Procad-Tech as our molding consultant and we are very happy with the work that they have done for us. Bob Elwell is a very focused and talented engineer with decades of product design and injection molding experience. Bob was able to quickly diagnose the problem that we were having with a large injection molded part that experienced premature failure during reliability testing.  Bob’s CAD and simulation tools are excellent and he was able to provide all information in detailed reports that led us to quick resolution of our problem. I am happy to whole heartedly recommend Procad-Tech for anyone who needs help in correctly designing injection molded parts and also for anyone that needs help solving an injection molded part problem.

Larry Smith

Engineering Manager

We were looking for an engineering company that could develop and design our line of new mechanical rebar connection products.    Pro-CAD engineering provided both the product development and engineering design/drawing aspects that has allowed us in a short amount of time to develop multiple complete product lines.    Pro-CAD not only provided the engineering design but was able to perform Finite Element Analysis on all the designs.   Pro-CAD’s responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to problem solve has allowed us to use them as our “engineering” department and worry about other start up issues.

Andrew Henderson

Executive Vice President

Bob and his team are detail oriented and work to understand the customer’s needs and then develop a plan and solution. I value Bob’s commitment to understanding and generating his proposals and scope of work based on fact finding.  

Shawn Gross

Engineering Manager

We have worked with Bob and PRO-CAD on several different part design, mold design and analytical efforts for thermoplastic injection molded parts.   PRO-CAD has always been great with communication, and they quickly become a critical part of any team they work with.  Their solid experience with materials, mold and part design, structural and mold filling analysis, and business enables them to understand the scope of projects, determine how to best add value, and deliver quality output. It is difficult to find external consulting teams who can act as a one stop shop for part design, mold design, part structural and filling analysis, mold structural analysis and injection molding consulting while also understanding how  those realms affect each other. PRO-CAD does those things effectively, efficiently, and at good price points.

Corey Linden

Senior Program Manager

Procad Tchnologies, LLC




Spring Hill, FL