Procad Technologies is also process optimization consulting firm in Erie, Pennsylvania that specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing support of your products. What makes is unique is that we also help you do a complete set of process optimization by improving existing designs and / or debugging existing products and processes.

This is just the beginning of what we  to offer to help our customers. We use the latest such as Solidworks Simulation Premium and Moldex3D mold filling software to help optimize your products and manufacturing process.  Our engineering personnel have over 30 years of design experience is what helps optimize your products. This optimization includes making your product design lighter yet stronger while reducing cycle time since the thinner walls cool faster. We also change the product shape by adding ribbing to help  make your products stronger.  We look at managing high stress areas with analysis software looking for ways to improve strength while improving performance.  Process optimization covers many areas of the entire project. Changing material selection, or product shape, or adjustments to the manufacturing process combine to dramatically improve the total product.

We have extensive experience in product design optimization, mold optimization, and process optimization.  So, whether you need to improve your existing product, mold design , or to cut cost…we can help.

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