Procad Technologies has very simple company goals. We want to help our customers create a world class product by creating a new or existing product into a world class designs and state of the art manufacturing processes that are of higher quality, longer durability, and improved profitability.

  1. To develop new products or optimize existing products by reviewing best practices material selection, product shape, and design requirements.
  2. Review that product design for critical characteristics and use computer simulation as required to analyze the product strength, material stress, and thermal conditions for final product function. This includes both plastic and metal components.
  3. Review the product design for tooling for issues such as draft, parting lines, and mold function.
  4. Review the product design and tooling plan for gate locations, runner design, and overall mold performance including water lines for cooling.
  5. Perform a complete mold filling analysis to verify flow patterns, temperatures, molded in stresses, melt temperatures.
  6. Perform packing, cooling, and warpage analysis to verify parts are molded to tolerance.
  7. Review analysis results and make product, material, and process changes to ensure proper product performance, and the profit plan.
  8. Help create various types of prototypes from rapid prototypes, to
  9. We perform process optimization techniques on the design them to be best in class, cost effective, and friendly to the environment.
  10. If processing support is required, we can supply recommendations and training to support those projects with onsite training.

We help our customers from concept clear through to product supporting all aspects of the engineering data, product prototyping, product performance, and product testing. Give us a call on your next project so we can help you optimize your process.

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