In today’s product design environment, the product requirements are more strict and critical and the competitive nature is also getting more difficult. Consumers are expecting better performance while reducing costs. Engineered resins an important role in improving the product performance, while reducing while thickness, cooling, time, and weight. This Product Design Optimization dramatically improves efficiency while reducing cost of manufacturing and in turn final product cost. Engineered resins are finding an increased use in Electro-Mechanical designs with hand held devices that have extreme requirements. These requirements include high temperature applications over 350 degrees F, water proof to 6 feet, temperatures to -40 degrees F, and impact of 2.2 lbs at 3 ft drop. The punishment these resins take are amazing and take special formulating, additional fillers to achieve these properties, and then optimized processing to achieve these consistent requirements. To ensure that the manufacturing reaches these goals, computer simulation such as Stress AnalysisImpact Analysis, and mold filling simulation. Matching the materials special properties to the optimal design shape and manufacturing process allows these new product designs to achieve performance levels never seen before. There are new patents for materials, processes, and products all the time now and creating products with amazing functionality.

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