Optimization Services

What is Mold Flow Analysis?

Utilizing computer simulation to recreate the process of injection molding in order to examine all aspects of the process. The information gained during this process is then interpreted to determine the likelihood of manufacturing success or to troubleshoot identify and correct design flaws.

What is Product Analysis?

The examination of every aspect of the product to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as potential design flaws. This process can be used on a new product to ensure it’s success once it goes to production or on an existing product to identify areas of improvement or trouble shoot it’s shortcomings.

What is Process Optimization?

The discipline of making adjustments to a system so as to improve aspects of a project while maintaining the product’s ultimate application. The goal is to minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.

Product & Tool Design Services

What is Product Design?

Creating a new product from a concept or idea or enhancing an existing product for better performance.

What is Mold Design?

The process of making the form in which material is injected to create the desired product.

Why Choose Procad Technologies LLC?

Where is Procad Technologies LLC?

Our headquarters is located in Erie, Pennsylvania but our unique virtual office allows us to effectively and efficiently manage projects anywhere in the United States.

What engineering services are offered?

We specialize in several aspects of production including: Product Design, Stress Analysis, Mold Design, Mold Filling Analysis, and Process Optimization.

Why choose Procad Technologies LLC?

We are a small yet nimble virtual engineering company that specializes in product design, computer simulation, and mold design. We strategically combine experts across multiple engineering and manufacturing disciplines with years of hands on experience to optimize our customer’s projects.

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