The Company is a virtual engineering and design consulting firm that specializes in Product Design and development, mold design, and analysis. We have over 30 plus years of working in various capacities in both management, engineering, and manufacturing. We have other expert associates in industrial design, electrical engineering, circuit board development, analysis, plastics processing, and training. These skills and relationships are a critical addition to our capabilities and allow us to work virtually in many industries anywhere in the world. We typically work electronically with video teleconferences, web based file transfer, and email but we are also capable of bringing our computers to our customer’s facilities to work on, discuss, or review projects.


Our team is committed to helping our customers solve new and existing problems by applying our wide range of education, skills, experience, and computer simulation software to deliver a world class solution. We can either help your existing engineering department or be your entire external engineering solution. Many of our customers do not have a complete engineering department and find it extremely efficient to only call us when their projects require help. We normally can respond faster and also with more experience and end up as a less expensive option in the long run.

Our Goals

Procad Technologies has very simple goals. We want to help our customers create a world class product by creating a new or existing product into a world class designs and state of the art manufacturing processes that are of higher quality, longer durability, and improved profitability.


  1. To develop new products or optimize existing products by reviewing best practices material selection, product shape, and design requirements.
  2. Review that product design for critical characteristics and use computer simulation as required to analyze the product strength, material stress, and thermal conditions for final product function. This includes both plastic and metal components.
  3. Review the product design for tooling for issues such as draft, parting lines, and mold function.
  4. Review the product design and tooling plan for gate locations, runner design, and overall mold performance including water lines for cooling.
  5. Perform a complete mold filling analysis to verify flow patterns, temperatures, molded in stresses, melt temperatures.
  6. Perform packing, cooling, and warpage analysis to verify parts are molded to tolerance.
  7. Review analysis results and make product, material, and process changes to ensure proper product performance, and the profit plan


We help our customers from concept clear through to product supporting all aspects of the engineering data, product prototyping, product performance, and product testing. Give us a call on your next project so we can help you optimize your process.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Optimize Your Process

These experiences have lead to the realization that American companies that design and manufacturing need more help to be more competitive with offshore companies.  There are many inefficient products that are designed in the inefficient materials, thick wall thickness, and poor processing conditions that waste as much as 50% on cycle time. Not only are the designs flawed, the cycle time and profitable are terrible; but we also find that the material properties were dramatically degraded because of improper gate location, size, runner design, inherent flow patterns and press processing parameters.

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Our Team

Bob Elwell

President – Procad Technologies LLC

Greg Skillicorn

Industrial Engineer

Vicki Chang

Mechanical Engineer

Procad Tchnologies, LLC




Spring Hill, FL