We have a unique approach to our moldex3d molding simulation. We have a combination of Engineering Services including Product DesignMold Design, and Mold Filling Analysis. These services help us not only identify problems but also improve the product development process.  We not only understand the product development but we also have over 30 years of tooling and manufacturing experience. This combination of experiences and skills allows us to design for manufacturing with complex mold actions. While this may not seem that important, lack of tooling experience can substantially increase tooling costs by making extra moving mechanisms and molding conditions that are nearly impossible to process. We have been asked to fix many 3D models to help improve these conditions by reducing the cycle time or scrap rate caused by thick walls and bad mold filling conditions. We have found that by focusing on analysis and molding best practices, we have been able to improve critical process issues by 10% to 50% consistently. When these savings are combined with molding machines and secondary equipment, it is possible to see savings over $100,000 per year. We look at the entire process and weigh compromises between what the product needs, the material sweet spot, and the manufacturing complexities. They all must align in order for the final product to work correctly and be durable.

Procad Tchnologies, LLC




Spring Hill, FL